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End results Day 35
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Day 35 update

Turns out my scale is 10 lbs off, which is odd because I tested it with weights and it showed exactly what it was. So I am not sure which scale to go by. The weird weight machine at the hospital says I am 15 lbs heavier that what the other scale says. So I will be keeping track of both weights. Oh well, I still lost the same amount of pounds and inches. Has anyone else had this problem?

Didn't lose any weight, but have lost inches again.

Measurements (in) ---> 3 inches all around lost

Exercise - Didn't feel like it.

Other things:
My boss noticed that I was getting smaller. We are both trying to lose weight and he congratulated me yesterday. My Mom even said that you could tell that I was getting slimmer. I can also get into 12 jeans now without much problem.


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