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End of week 3 - Day 21
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I think I will be posting every 7 days for the end results. I am sure you get the gist of what I am eating for breakfast and whatever I feel like eating for lunch. For now on I will post the week end results.

Day 21
Lost = 0 lbs (Did not lose weight but have lost inches which is still good in my book.)

Measurements for this week
Lost 2 inches all around and gained 1/2 an inch in my bust.

Still slacking in it. This was my week off from school on my online classes, so I have been lazy all around the last few days. I do move around a lot at work.

Still drink nothing but water all day. I did have a couple of poppers my Mom made. She bakes cakes as a side job and I am at times her tester. I don't test the whole cupcakes anymore, but she made poppers which are small enough to pop in your mouth comfortably. It is like the size of spoonful of rice or a piece of sushi. Actually I think it is smaller than a piece of sushi.
Any extra cakes she has she has me take them to work and the guys will eat them pretty quickly.

Things I have noticed
I lost weight in my face, enough to the point my computer does not recognize me to log me on with the face recognition. I was also able to pull up a pair of pants that I could not get over the bottom part of my thigh before. I can't button them at all yet and they are pretty snug at the hips. I will be in them soon though.

I won't be buying anymore bananas this week because we are going out of time for my brothers graduation from the Air Force in two days. I will get back on it when I get back. I still will sort of be following the diet, but I may not have access to bananas while I am away. I think this would be a good test, since I doubt I would be eating bananas every morning for the rest of my life. I would get sick of them.

See you on Day 28.


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