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Just thinking...
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I was reading fan fiction and I was getting annoyed because I have been finding nothing but crap. Needless to say, when I was in fan-girl anime mode I would have thought these were wonderful. Now that I am older and am not in that mode anymore, -- still a fan-girl for certain pairings and series, mind you -- I find that they have to be written well for me even to get through it.

I have even resorted in going to for better writing. 9/10 I find it too instead of the 3/10 from Is it because the people are at least 18 or older, well supposed to be anyway?

I even looked at some of my old work and thought what the hell was I thinking about at the time. When I make time I go back and rewrite it too.

On that note, I realized why I stopped writing and I only go back to it from time to time. I do not get constructive critique. I get the usual, which make me happy, but I still want something constructive so I could improve. I used to be able to put one 5 chapters in one sitting. Now I barely write even one, because either they don't review or they say the usual. Usually, it is because they don't review. I can count on my hand out of all the stories I have written, how many reviews were constructive. This is from both sites of and

A friend of mine online said that she had a dream about me becoming a famous author. I do love writing it is fun for me to do, along with art and web design on the side, but without some constructive critiques I kind of lose motivation. That and I need an editor to look over my stuff at times. When I look at it I see what I meant to type and do not notice the mistakes till days, months, or most likely years later, when I go back and look at it.

Ah well. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.



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