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End of Week 4 - Day 28
higashi no eden, saki, akiraxsaki, akira, eden of east
Has it already been a month?

Day 28 update (Has it already been a month?)
Last weight and Current weight: 190

Didn't lose any weight this time either, but I am not surprised because we went out of town for a bit. I didn't gain any weight either which I am surprised because of what I was eating. All that walking around a military base in the heat will make you ravenous.

I lost 4 inches in my body. 3 of them where solely in my bust area, which was surprising. Any explanations on this? The last time they went up half an inch each week.

I exercised at bit more this time. Not much,though.
I found I actually started wanting bananas when I stop eating them for a day.


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